We are currently crowdfunding for our first permanent location.

(Did you think we already had one? Perfect!
Then we did our job right!)

Our goal of $100,000 will lock in a lease on a bar space in Brooklyn, cover initial permits and staff us during our build-out.

It means the world to us that you support us in making this happen! Together, we’re creating nightlife beyond alcohol.

Listenbar_1_16_0504 (1).jpg


Our rewards include club memberships! alcohol-free mixology classes! or getting your name carved into our bar!

Everyone who backs us gets a personal shoutout on our THANK YOU WALL below (scroll on for some feels).


For those who would like to invest in a more formal way, you can purchase an invitation to our Friends & Family investment round through the crowdfunding portal.




Personal ‘Thank You'
To Every Backer
From Our Founder Lorelei



Currently: 251 BACKERS!




ACTUAL bosses of mine - AND UTTER FORCES in BUSINESS - who thought it’s so NICE they both BACKED ME TWICE!!

Rosemarie Ryan

Tiffany Rolfe

SO RAD having strong women in leadership who truly believe in me and lift me up! THANK YOU


Vanessa Ray - Fantastic actress of Blue Bloods, Pretty Little Liars & Frances Ha fame - saw @listenlorelei speak on a panel and became an instant Listen Bar fan. WOW. Now she’s backing us at the investor level. LOVE! 💕 Feeling so Hollywood right now. ⭐

Ruby Warrington - Thanks Ruby! Listen Bar has the Club SÖDA NYC & Sober Curious stamp of approval!

Holly Glenn Whitaker of The Temper and Hip Sobriety - THANKS for the love - for asking the hard questions and loving the honest answers!

Karen Cahn - The actual founder of IFundWomen believes in Listen Bar!

Steven aka @the_sky_explorer - From the most beautiful views of the sky to believing in beautiful, booze-free nights! Thanks Steven!


Kin Euphorics and Jenn Batchelor - always supporting the magic! ✨

Pilot Kombucha - Small but mighty!

Catharine Dockery and Vice Ventures - hell yeah! INVEST & INDULGE

Bill Shufelt and Athletic Brewing Company - Bill, you know how much we love you guys! AF beer, delicious AF. We stan for u! Have a blast in Eamon’s mixology class!

Tokyotoys - The Bucharest-based design firm behind our brilliant logo & branding!


Julia V. Bainbridge - Brilliant, brilliant journalist. Thank you for helping breathe life into our story!

Esme Benjamin - Culture Trip’s Wellness Editor & the first one to put us in the spotlight when we were just an idea! So, so much love for your support Esme!!

Damon Versaggi & Scrappy Meals - Versaggi Versaggi! Our resident sustainability geek! Thank you for being a wonderful part of the Vol 2 fam ✌️

Grace Lieberman - Thrilled you dug our Going Up!

Nicola Nice - All about that pomp & whimsy!

Jon Gneezy - Listen Bar loves The Deep End!

Sam Thonis - Thanks Sam! And get it, Getaway!

Morgan First - Rosé Mansion supports booze-free fun too!


Marcus Assenmacher - One of the first to believe & support! Musician turned music man, always with love for the craft. So grateful for ya Marcus!

Andi Wilson - So grateful for you & all the incredible people Hideaway House has brought into my life. You’re a total FORCE in the music world! Managing the best artists, getting the best press, and being a true ally for everyone you believe in.

David Rosenfeld - David’s in everybody, we’re officially cool. From FADER homie to Cali agent, a gentleman through and through.

Dan De Lara - Playing bass on Chromeo tracks, texting memes to all the coolest musicheads, AND supporting Listen Bar. What a guy! Raising your signature Nah-Groni in your honor!

Hila the Killa - Rapping in a headstand and lovin’ up on body hair? These are a few of our favorite things.

Lucy Gallant - Australian singer & busker, so good she stopped me in my tracks and I *still* listen to the voice note I took of her song!


Back at it again with the support! These backers didn’t stop at one contribution, they gave 2+ times over, just to see us succeed!!

Rosemarie Ryan - 🌹🌹 Made a generous CONTRIBUTION + Snagged our first MEMBERSHIP!

Tiffany Rolfe - ☄️☄️ Bought an OPENING NIGHT TICKET + a booze-free MIXOLOGY CLASS!

Danielle Brill - 🚨🚨 Gifted a friend a VC MEETING + Ordered herself a BAR TAB!


This community shows UP! If you’re looking for some women-led businesses to support:

PippySips - OH HULLO new mamas & pregnant babes! 🍼 Listen Bar is DOWN for a sleek breastmilk bottle! Thank you for being down with us!

Mandy Martinez & Lady Wolf - A clothing & skincare line from a military wife with a biochemistry degree! A-woooooo! 🐺

Rhonda Cammon & PerfectlyCordial - Nashville in the house! Can’t wait to try your cordials. Shine shine!

Alicia Ness & Heptagon Productions - Looking forward to chatting! Thanks for the support

Verlonda Johnson & Wherk - Get it Tallahassee! Women’s coworking spaces, woohoo!

Rachna Hukmani & Whiskey Stories - Even whiskey lovers love Listen Bar! Check out this woman’s Michelin-starred, multi-sensory tastings!

Scoop Marketplace - Seattle’s getting a zero waste grocery store! ♻️ Right on - go support!

Corey Gil - So excited for you & Wise Life Solutions!

Suzanne Sinatra & Private Packs - OMG you’re making UTI’s less awful?! HERE FOR IT!

Nicole Brown & TailoredSF - A Bay area hair salon that’s organic & eco-friendly, down to the cork flooring?! YAAAS!

Kelly Corzine & GRAND CAYE Wellness & Social Club - Girl you had me at the name! Mmmm salt water pools and float therapy, can’t wait! 💦

Luquana McGriff & A Cake Baked in Brooklyn - OMG your cakes are GORGEOUS! Back this babe!!

Melissa Barker & Phoenix Rising - We’re so here for this! An app that disrupts the narrative of trauma and delivers on-demand healing resources!

Kate Anderson - A little love, straight from the iFundWomen team! Thanks for the promptest, most helpful technical support!

Sarah Moe - YES! iFundWomen REPRESENT!

Karen Cahn - Did we mention Karen was our VERY FIRST BACKER? 😯


Sri Thayi & W3 Chocolate - That “Balanced” white chocolate can live in my my mouth, please and thank you. I don’t even like chocolate that much, but whoa 🍫 


Mama - When I was about 3 years old, I’d introduce myself as “Lorelei, sweet little girl, a splendor.” 💫 Day 1 and I had mastered personal branding and self-confidence. That’s the girl my momma raised. 💓

Tata - Like many fathers, you always place the highest value on work and career in a person’s life. Yet you see past accolades and financial gains and treasure fulfillment and passion above all else. Thanks for always keeping your curiosity, dad.

Rodica Constantin - Santa baby, won’t you help fund my new business venture? Yes you will, because Rodica’s on the case.

John Bonani - Sir! Emily’s been killing it. We love that you pre-ordered your bar tab while living in another city - YES! We eagerly await you

Gail Bonani - ‘Emily Rose’ is going on the bar! Gail, we appreciate you so! 


Rosemarie Ryan - A true mentor and champion who’s been building me up since our first meeting together. Ad world legend. LOVE YOU ROSE. 🌹

Tiffany Rolfe - Absolute powerhouse meteor-woman. ☄️ From CP+B superstar to R/GA CCO!! Thank you for believing in Listen Bar with such enthusiasm!

Miranda Martell - First one to bet on me & build with me! LOVE MM!

Jamie Hall - You are the realest. DREAM BABE

Aude Broos - A lightbeam and an inspiration

Sara Posner - ONE BOSS BABE TO ANOTHER. you inspire me so.

Sami Kriegstein - OVERACHIEVER GIRLCRUSH. “Sami + Mike” are TOTES going on the bar!

Laureen HD - Our queen in love & sex & herpes! 💋

Geoff Baldwin - YES! Way to pick THE ULTIMATE Geoff reward! We will etch in your name!

Amanda Ginzburg - Thanks ya diamond babe!

Nitzan Hermon - Big, deep thinking minds unite!

Ashton Rose - So excited to put your name on this bar!! Thank you!

Neil Parker - Always a supporter of the strong women around you! THANKS NEIL come through in that leopard-print jacket.

Melissa Jackson-Parsey - The most gracious of leaders!

Mindy Benner - HAT TWINS FOR LYFE. Inspo behind the She Pretty!

Elsie Iwase - One of the early nurturers of this whole thing!

Cole Nielsen - The OG! And the one who put us to 10K!! Go Cole!

Kelli Lane - Amazing supporter THANK YOU! Thanks for trusting me to move mountains!

Tom Morton - Of COURSE you would know someone doing perfectly aligned work out in the UK! Can't wait to put your name on this thing!

Allie Dietzek - OMG I felt your words & love from across the universe!! Go go Reign_wala

Chantal Sagnes - Thanks you fancy French babe!!

Andrew May - So cool to have the support of other ppl off to do big things!!

Courtney Bowditch - Thanks for the encouragement love! Totes got this.

Ana Gannod - Brought me SUCH joy to have you at Listen Bar! Thanks for the support! We’re Louboutin-level!!

Stephen Maroda - Stephen! ALWAYS with the support, always happy to see people succeed - what a class act.

Danielle Brill - BOUGHT A VC MEETING TO GIFT TO A FRIEND!! Holy BFF YOU WANT IN YOUR LIFE ALERT!! 🚨 Thanks for always being Team Lorelei!

Laura Dunn - So grateful for your support! And so, so happy for your success! Killin’ it babe!

Mary Maroun - You’re such a wonderful friend Mary! Thanks for your trust and encouragement, always.


Danny Madden - The OG. Founder of Ornana. Award-winning filmmaker who has worked with Pink Floyd. The one who first dared me to skip alcohol for a month. Shiny example of one of the most alive ppl I know.

Mykim Dang - Believe in you as completely as you do in me!


Nate Schenker - Always got my back!

Luana Suciu - Nici oceanele nu ne despart!

Megan Roy - Thank you, you shiny human! love your lovely work

Zack Sears - Thank you! So inspired by you & Throne Watches!!

Kelly Thomas - Thanks, kel!

Missy Goldstein - WE 👏 ARE 👏 MISSY 👏APPROVED


Nick Kraft & Caroline Edwards - It is truly our HONOR to immortalize THE KREDWARDS


Dan De Lara - You’re the inspo behind our Nah-groni! Thanks for all the support since day 1!

Steven Hadjez - WOW! A golden ticket for our golden boy! Look at that instagram checkmark!! FEELIN THE LOVE

Patricia Serrano - An Emerson celebrity! Always inspired by your travels and beautiful view of life!

Ren Walker - Investor tier! Ren don’t mess around!!! WOW darling thanks so much

Ale Bernal - Wow Alecita! How grown we are! So excxited to carve your preciosa Mila’s name into the bar!

Konrad Brattke - Wow - one of the first people I met in the States - and still supporting me today! DANKE KONRAAAAD!

Ana Visan - YAY! Look at me you n Lulu - still each other’s cheerleaders after all these years!

Ben Wiessner - Ben!! Thanks for the vote of support - know you know what it feels like on the other side! Congrats on all your amazing success.

Morgan First - Love getting booze-free love from a diehard rosé babe - and founder of Rosé Mansion! One of the first Emersonians I know to really jump into entrepreneurship, even before graduating!

Josh Milowe aka Joshwaaaaaaa aka Prince Josh (in my phone) - Thanks so much for the support! Thrilled to have a drink on our menu in your honor!

David Rosenfeld - Looking forward to giving you an excuse to come to NYC when we open.


Zeina Muna - Thanks for showing me the ways of iFundWomen! Couldn’t be a bigger fan!

Lauren Powell - TO WONDER & TO JOY 🌈

Michael Morgenstern - Come thru! Date night!

Joey Danger Stox - DANGER!! YESSS love the enthusiasm Leather Daddy!!

Roan Bibby - What a g! Backed me before I even got to ask!

Monica Dang - Means the world my little cloud buddy!! ☁️


Annamarie Henderson - FUNGI FRENS FO LYFE

Lauren Chang - Where there’s a Lauren, there’s a party! Yay for putting your name on the bar! 😎 perma-love

Jason Stein & Becky Pennucci - YAY SHMOOS 💖

Kelly Singer - Means the WORLD that you’re spreading the word over in Denver about us! 

Cassie Hough - Who always introduces me to ppl as her biggest girlcrush! NEVER STOP! Luv u so!

Haffro City - Karaoke king & greatest New York character I have ever met. Beew!

Naushin Rahman - Always a pleasure talking about the inner self-care work with you! FAVE QUOTE “If strawberries make me fart, I won’t eat strawberries. If alcohol makes me an asshole, I won’t drink alcohol. No difference!” 🍓


Tara Babylon - From subway style to boss babe backer!!


Matt Stern - Can't wait to have you at our opening party!

Maria Tegzes - Thanks for the support and the warm wishes!

Jon Leachman - JOHNO! Always on my team!

Stephanie Yung - So cool to be getting love from an inspiring innovation thinker, who’s now also an inspiring mama!

Jenn Li - Such lovely words! Thanks for being part of the universe conspiring for me! 💓

Matt Kalish - Team Shark Week!! 🦈

Marcus Assenmacher - Now there’ll always be a part of you in New York!

Pedro Pereira - Thanks for the love, you visual poet! Someday soon, Listen Bar will be in the movies, mark my words!

Hila the Killa - Wow babe. Means so much that you supported! There’s a Romanian saying, ‘gift to gift, heaven is made.’ Thanks for sharing your gift!

Robbie from Earth - Cheers to treating your partner!

Manu Kapoor - ‘Manu Kapoor’ is getting lovingly etched! Thrilled to have impressed such a connoisseur.

Laura Frank - OMG! One wonder woman to another 💕

Juliette Cilia - The brightest mind and brightest smile! Keep crushing it.

Noel Hamilton - She might not know it, but Noel is part of Listen Bar’s origin story. My first ever month off drinking was one of 27 dares for my 27th birthday - inspired by Noel’s impressive year of 30 challenges before she turned 30. Noel - Listen Bar would NOT exist without you, and I’m so glad you’re helping bring us to life! 💪

Helga Traxler - NYC’s sharpest bangs - and sharp eye for beauty! What a lovely bit of NYC magic!

Jason Gardner - What a lovely surprise! So glad we crossed paths. Thanks for the support Jason!

Sri Thayi - You shine, I shine!

Matt Huff - Always expanding, always exploring! Thank you

Maryam Ajayi - Such a radiant spirit! To abundance and prosperity!


Avin Narasimhan - First owl to back me! Can’t wait for your alcohol-free mixology class with Eamon Rockey!

Courtney Doyle - My first woman boss ever!! who immediately moved me from under her into the creative dept for my own good - and still has my back TODAY!! YES babe - dreams to reality!

Jenessa Carder - Always positive, always gracious! SO FUN to reconnect!

Gareth Kay - Such a gift to have your stamp of approval! 📣 Hear ye, hear ye! Gareth Kay says we’re BRILLIANT and is putting his name on our bar! 📣

Lina Yaghi - Oh yay! Remember us being young’uns together back in the day, now look at us!

Gina Soloperto - The woman who took me under her wing when I landed in New York - without even having worked with me before. Always an advocate, always opening doors. So, so grateful for you Gina!

Shane Hutton - 🙌 WOLFIE 🙌 Still keep the email you wrote me when you took me on as your paddawan. Thanks for always pushing me to the front. Few people starting out get to have a mentor as brilliant - and as invested in their growth. Forever grateful.

Dan Higgins - Holler Dan! You’re one of the people whose gracious enthusiasm, day in day out, made a huge impression. Thanks for the love!


Mama - Am noroc mult, mult de tot. Merci mama. Always grateful for my mom, and my family’s support, especially from across the ocean. 💓

Tata - Uite ca totusi aschia nu sare departe de pom. Daca voi ati reusit sa deschideti firma in Romania post-comunista, m-oi descurca si eu in New York!

Stefania Anton Verona - Homies since birth! Friends since before FRIENDS! Paver of ways in New York!

Alexandru Atanasiu aka Tokyotoys - Genialul designer care ne-a creat logo-ul și branding-ul! Bucharest REPRESENT!

Silvia Boblea - The London cool kids 🇬🇧 club sends their regards

Andrei Lasc - Un poet, în vorbe și în viata

Mihnea Gheorghiu - YESSS possibly the most awarded Romanian creative in the world? Liderul creativ pe Diesel & Heineken? TOT AȘAAA!

Sebastian Olar - Mereu crești mândria în România - de la “Românii sunt deștepți” la spirijinul celor în care crezi. MERCI!

Miruna Macri - Mereu pariezi pe creativitate! A woman after my own heart ❤️ 

Rodica Constantin - Pentru fluturi!

Emil Föger - Here’s to curious skeptics! and to the GLORIFIED LEMONADE STAND!! 😂😂

Catinca Panait - De unde am pornit - și tot înainte!

Carina Tudorache - România pretutindeni!

Catinca Panait - De unde am pornit - si tot inainte!

Ioana Suciu - Merci Ioana!!! Apărătoarea de bază! Ce mare lucru e când te spirijină cineva în fața scepticilor! Merci pt votul de încredere.

Inas Al-soqi - Merci Inas! An artist's eye, a dreamer's soul - and a worker's busy hands! LOVE that you got your ✂️tattoo at Listen Bar!! Abia aștept să-ți punem numele pe bar!

Ana Chisacof - Ce frumos! Ne sprijinim de departe!

Ana Visan - Romania via Emerson via a-fost-sa-fie - si ce bine ca e!

Eliana Stratica - Proiectul asta e one big excuse to see all the great things my childhood friends are up to! Mereu cu arta si frumosul, Eliana!


Christine Ericson - Chris! You guys are all so dear to me! Thanks for the support - much love!


Just because we’re all hedonistic freakmobiles doesn’t mean burners can’t get down without booze!

Mark Stetson - Kiiikiiikikiii! GNOMIES, ASSEMBLE! 🐔

Haffro City - Did I mention you’re the greatest New York character I have ever met?

Hila the Killa - The most eco-friendly, waste-averse burner I know!


Beth Weinstein - Always helping me achieve my goals!!

Alicia Upchurch - Thank u for all that you give!!

Silvia Tueros-Cossio - Year-of-power into new-year’s-day-power!

Nora White - Such an angel!

Susannah Simpson - Always breathing life into ideas! So much magic from you ✨

Maria Christodoulou - LOVED your Bliss Without Bother lunch event - so important to create wellness for those who work in it!

Marina Bank - Amazing sharing space as we manifest our DREAMS!

Marina Johnson - I love you too babe!!! Can’t wait to see you & hug you.


Lucy Gallant - Dream singer all the way from Australia! 🇦🇺

Iñigo - Hola Mexico!! 🇲🇽 Build bars not walls!!
Thanks so much for the love - “Catrino Wilburys” is going on the bar!

Jocelyn Bishop - Cali girl I met in Guatemala 🇬🇹 Cheered me on to jump off a cliff inside a cave, and is cheering me on STILL!

Meesh Dot - What an absolute vision of sisterhood our time together offers, from one corner of the world to the next! You light me up! +1 for AUS 🇦🇺


John Esposito - First official member of the Listen Bar Vol 1 Club!

Jonathan Coppage - Early supporter! First10

Dylan “Daddy” Brown - You got it! First10

Francesca Bastianini - Thank you! On my lucky day! First10


Alex Peters - Thanks Alex!!

Emily Zhang - Your NAME is going on it!!

Sarah Sandman - OMG HAPPY BDAY

Sunisa Nuonsy - YEP WOMEN SO ROCK

Veronica Kaulinis - From the dancefloor to the bar!

Paru Radia - Thanks precious!

Natalya Bowen - Yay! Thank you

Alex Hantman - Enjoy!

Kelly Bryden - We’re so excited too!

Sarah - Thanks for connecting!

Tony Bacigalupo - Karaoke MVP!!

Bronwyn James - Thank you - EPIC name!

Nikki Henry - Thanks for the love Nikki!

Craig Sinclair - Thank you Craig!

Stephanie Lentz - So great having ya!

Logan Martin - Thank you, we think it’s awesome too!

Luke Namer - Thanks Luke!

Lauren Hawk - Welcome to NYC babe!

Kristen Arsenault - Thanks so much Kristen!

Marlin Dohlman - Great suggestions, thanks for the love from DC!

Kyle Hockaday - Thank you! So great to meet you!

Lauren Budzichowski - KUNDALINI AND GO!

Seth Barker - WOW thank you for those wonderful words and the strong support!!

Leila Strachan - Putting your name! On that bar!

Kristin Hilton - Thank you!

Kendall Miller - Thanks! we can’t WAIT too!

Nicole Rodriguez - Yay!

Elizabeth S - Thanks Elizabeth!

Joseph Callender - We’re putting that name on the bar!

Amanda Perry - Yay and thank you for everything! The Temper rocks

Sam "Slam" Hancock - Rad that you’re pumped about women like me - we’re out here!

Charlie Berkinshaw - Thanks Charlie! Excitement all around!!

Alexa Eden - Thanks babe!

Laura Silverman - Thanks to you & wearesober!! GO DC!

Brianna Schwartz - Get that VC backing!

Jason Newmarch - Homie from across the country! Yes let’s have some fancytown drinks ha!

Cassie - Thanks!

Mackenzie Kear - Thank you! YES Let’s cultivate consciousness

Matt T - Really feel you for the kind words! See you Opening Night!!

Mary Rossillio - Thanks Mary!

Christine Pasecky - Enjoy!

Sarah Geiger - Wow thanks! So glad you feel this way!

Elena Ballara - Haha that’s rad miss boozy gal!! Thanks!

Carly Feldman - Thank you!

Kelsey Tomlinson - Thanks Kelsey!

Devon Guralnick - Thanks D!

Carly Frankel - Get your name on that bar WOOT!

Courtney Cello - Enjoy babe!!

Adriana Pentz - Wow thanks - here’s to all the steps ahead, and this first one!

Justine Landschulz - Great instinct for what's ahead!

Ali Aufiero - Thanks so much Ali! Enjoy 🙂

Eileen S - Agree! All over the country!

Jaimi Becker - Thanks for the support!

Ken MacInnis - Thanks Ken! “Bobert Jabronoso” is going on this thing!

Christian Moree - Yay! More people like Moree! Thanks Christian

Sarah ‘Swinging Tree’ - That’s so cool that you’ve lived in countries where booze-free options abound! Can’t wait to see more of us here!

Erin Fortunato - Enjoy darling! Bring us that good fortune!

Alicia Miller - Thanks so much for believing in us, Alicia!

Grace Woo - Weeeee & Woo!!

Alejandra Hamel - From the original Listen Bar Vol 1 to now!! TROOPER!!

Steven Dean - Thrilled to hear it! This is a huge way to help!

Jasmin Jenkins - We’re giddy with excitement too!

Tom Lagatta - Thanks Tom! One step closer!

Calista Nasser - The winner of our first ever giveaway! Now giving back. LOVE!


Mari Sophi - Thanks for the support!

David Webb - Cheers David! To good vibes & good music!

John Cline - Big thank you!

Mike Gulbin - Looking forward to putting your name on the bar, Mike! Thanks for the kind words

Jess Newton - You’re fantastic! Thanks so much

Thomas Mei - Thank you, 1,000%!

Rita Lowes - Thanks for raising your hand for booze-free nightlife, Rita! LOOK HOW MANY OF US THERE ARE!!!

Lorena Dame - You’re the dame of our hearts, Lorena!

Stanley Zheng - Hey Stanley! Thanks for the love.

Annuskastate - WOW. Thanks for the generous contribution, angel!